Every Friday we ask several prominent people in the South African Media industry/ecosystem about their thoughts on what PR is.

Have a look below to see what they have to say:

“I personally think PR is a great practice of communication between a brand / company with the public… especially the target market. PR helps build the core image and value of the brand… to me it’s one of the most crucial parts of business in general”Tresor, Award-Winning African Pop Sensation

“I truly describe my madness in two statements: It’s the skill to be psychologist, journalist, lawyer – basically being a magician with all the tricks of a witch in your bag… The art and skill to creating a lasting center piece, placing the wilted pieces where they’re not seen” Pumza Nohashe, Director of Brand Three Sixty

“PR is the discipline that spreads information effectively through different platforms to communicate with target audiences. One of the hardest jobs out there!” – Rhode Marshall, City Press Trending Co-Editor

“PR is organised relevance” – Andile Mathobela, Zkhiphani Co-Founder and Editor

“PR creates and controls the narrative through the media” – Raphael Benza, Director of Vth Season

“PR is about managing a brand or a personality’s public persona, getting them out there and making sure that they stay relevant” – Nandi Ndlovu, Glamour Magazine‘s Features Writer & Editorial Coordinator (now former)

“PR is like exercise – you need it even though you hate to admit it” Onke Dumeko, Strategic Marketing & PR Manager at Ndalo Media